Guidance on rebuilding entire collection using Engine DJ without losing history from old EP

I’m hoping someone can assist me with a problem I’m facing with the new EngineDJ software. Previously with the old Engine Prime, I used to have all my music on my external drives that use to gig with, then I would drag & drop those files into my EP collection, let it analyse & be done. This worked great for me as I was able to keep all my music on my drives in respective folders. Unfortunately the new EngineDJ doesn’t like this at all. My playlist have all mixed up tracks in them, my externals take ages to load up (sits on “updating” for over 45secs each time) & basically… EngineDJ wants to have the collection be in one place only. So now Im forced to rebuild my library from scratch using all my music on my laptops internal drive & exporting it to my externals (I hate this!!) But Im prepared to do this, coz I have no other option. However I don’t want to lose all my history, but the history from old EP is going to point to completely different path if I rebuild my library & use new EngineDj to export the music. Does anyone have any idea how I could possibly solve this? Any help will be appreciated right now. Thanks in advance.

i wonder if its the old database that’s still present on the drives causing this.

What happens if you for example put them in a folder and name it back up, so there is only database2 folder


I did not get any migration failure with my 4tb 75k tracks external storage

Maybe… It’s worth a try. Thanks for the input. :+1:

I gave that a try, but it didn’t really make much difference. What I ended up doing was using old Engine Prime with my ssd, exporting all my history’s as playist’s. Imported them into iTunes, then made a back-up of my old EP database, Renamed the new EngineLibrary database on my mac (so there was no database for EngineDJ to see) format-ed my ssd, put all my music on it again & made my ssd the drive for my main collection. Pulled all the music in (as well as my history playlists from iTunes), analyzed & ready to go. Now my music is still in folders & running perfectly with EngineDJ. I’m blown away with just how fast search results are compared to the older EP!!!

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Smart move. Nothing like a full rebuild.

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