Guess they didn't like the reaction

Removed the post…what is even going on…if this is how Denon are doing business then I’m done! If they have had a leak fair enough but if they are creating a buzz just to increase sales…say it’s all fake then say it isnt, then I would rather not own their products…so childish, so unprofessional :man_shrugging:

They said that something in the article about something Beta was wrong… But I cant seem to find the difference at first glance. Hopefully they can clear out what was false.

Hi Scotty

Unfortunately, a fair bit of the information was incorrect in the leaked document which was based on old pre-release information. The older press release contained false information about some features and future beta availability. We corrected this in the official information.

We are not trying to censor anyone’s personal feelings just want to be sure that you’re provided with the right information.

Apologies for any inconvience please feel free to post anything you like on the new topics as long as it is in line with our community guidelines :slight_smile:

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@sbangs Statements and clarifications about the new products could be made by Denon DJ staff on that “erroneous information” topic also, without the need to remove the whole topic, along with all the opinions expressed in there, as many people commented on common community issues also. But, then, we have to oblige as it is your house and we must respect your rules.

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Our community guidelines basically are be respectful to others otherwise for the whole we try to keep things open. The issue with information like that is that people dont read the whole thread so its best to keep it clean.

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Maybe avoid leakage! You can understand people frustration…your selling your new units on stuff which you sold me on past year, and I’m still waiting for these things to happen…extremely unhappy is an understatement. I really hope your announcement Monday changes my perspective :+1:

Maybe they dont read the full thread, but they will read the last comment.

So if you just made a statement, correcting wrong info and then locked the thread for any more comments, people would have seen that.

I think the fact that your “Introducing the SC6000…”-thread has been up for 15 hours and only have recieved 2 Likes, says alot.

Yes, we shall embrace the future and the evolution is new gear over time. But it would be great if Denon actually would embrace the most needed feature requests, and not just add nice-to-haves… We got bigger issues that being able to Pre-listen a track or not.

Taking a look at the top 20 of most liked features…

115 likes on the Auto-mix function… Sure it’s a nice thing, but we are djs… its not a need-to-have at first.

On screen clock…not a need to have… yet a neat feature….

Ability to Shrink/ Expand Beat Grids (SC5000/M (89 votes)) and Better BPM editing on the Prime 4 (74 votes) = 163 votes (+ another 58 votes on “Tap bpm manually”) 221 votes solely on the BPM issue. And yet you insist to keep working on a algorithm that has been 3-4 years to reach its current state.

This would affect SO many other things, as Loop, Slicer, Beatjump, effects on the mixer etc etc. and it’s a need to have. Launching a new product without having this sorted out, just creates more requests in this direction as well, as new customers come.

I truly understand that some of the feature requests are “WOW, that would be a cool feature, and could be fun to implement”… but what is most needed at this moment?

Finally, let me salute you for the SC6000/M… looks awesome and I´m sure it will bring some new members to the Denon family. And hopefully it will make Pioneer shake in their pants! :slight_smile: