Grid set in engine prime dont appears as set in SC6000

I have started preparing my sets in engine prime.

My tech house mixing style requires many tracks along with their corresponding accapela versions to be synced (BPM/Key) and have the same grid settings (start and end of bar using the red markers) in order to be usable for my performance when the prepared tracks are loaded into SC6000 for performance.

The issue i am facing is that everything within engine SW looks perfect but when i load the tracks in sc6000 i see differences in the grid like the start of my tracks and cues (markers) are on different grid points and the grid is different than the one I carefully configured within engine sw.

Am i doing something wrong or missing something?

Your input is highly appreciated

Best Angel

Shouldn’t be working like that. Are you locking the track in Prime, and (just try) setting a cue point for where you want the track to begin in Prime, see if the SC6K does the same.