Grid drift during edit

I’ve scaned the board and really didn’t see any posts specific to this issue so forgive me if discussed and by all means redirect me, but I’ve noticed an issue with EP when editing the grid. If i’m playing another track and try to edit a second track, when I set the new grid position, it causes the grid position on the playing track to drift. It took a few days to figure out what was happening but it is consistant. Does anyone have any info on this? Is it on the radar?? Thanks!

You mean you’ve got both tracks in Beatgrid edit mode at the same time?

No. Only one.

Hi @dharg - I’ll be happy help!

The first thing that comes to mind is if Sync is active while playing the track, the grid may drift to follow the master deck. This behavior would be expected. To resolve simply deactivate Sync.

If you are not using sync, please provide a bit more information about your system configuration.

  • What is your Operating System and version?
  • What version of Engine Prime are you running?
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Might have the same problem, if i understand what he means. song in traktor analyzed as 105 bpm with perfect grids then analyzed in engine prime and comes out as 104 bpm and the grid goes all over the place. not workable at all. (so problem might be related to wrong bpm)

So hope soon to have better engine prime bpm detection and gridding or at least the option to change bpm on the fly at the players instead of in the program. when bpm is changed to 105 in engine the gridding is normal like in traktor. if left on 104 on the player and have a good gridded loop on other player you hear the track with wrong bpm go of the rails in no time.

my pioneer effect rmx 1000 reads the wrong track as well as 105 instead of engines 104.

as an open format dj with different theme nights , you will have a huge collection. its a pain if bpm cant be set correct. it seems to screw up the song badly.

Just checked song in serato it comes out as 105 to

Hi @Souldancer - Incorrect BPM detection is a separate issue, which I believe is unrelated to the topic (if I understand correctly).

hmm… first to answer your question, PE 1.4.1 and Windows 10 I think that may be the case. As I’m thinking about this, there have been instances where sync was deactivated on the track I was editing. That may be due to respositioning. It makes sense and kinda doesn’t. I’m not understanding why sync wouldn’t be auto disabled on the track once you enter grid edit instead of having to do it manually. For my own edification, help me understand the relationship between the beat grid and sync. In my head, the grid is based on beat detection during the track analysis. That being the case the only scenario where sync would be viable is if you beat jumped. (??) Related: Is there a way to emulate the tap function on the controller?