Greetings Denon Discussion Group


I started DJ’ing in private clubs (as they were called in those daze) during the late 70’s. Yes, I said late 70’s… What a great time learning to spin on those stretched-out belt-driven turntables… mixing those “real drum” artists, using old matchbox covers pressed ever so gently alongside the edge of those wobbly disco records. Honestly… I’d have it no other way…

After spinning in clubs all across Canada for about 13 years being a resident DJ here and there I decided to take a break. I returned to the tables after acquired “itchy finger syndrome” which any DJ knows as being an expected occurrence especially while listening to others spinning! So true eh… this time around I limited myself to not being resident anywhere and rather focused on doing guest spots, events and\or the after-hours scene. That was sure a lot of fun.

Now I play for two Internet stations. One is out of London UK and the other is located in West Hollywood. In January of this year I took control over the station in West Hollywood.

Times have certainly changed in the industry and so has the equipment and more importantly how we use it to perform a set. It has been a great journey for me. I enjoy talking with people that have “the calling” and the passion to bring forward the sounds that makes them move.

Dance like no one is watching…