Greetings and question about sc3900

Hello, got a question for the more experienced denon DJ’s, im about to purchase a used sc3900 however it only has the powercord and none of the accessories , is it difficult finding whatever else might come in the box and not included with mine? Example software… and not sure what other accessories it comes with

Hello @chris55552, Welcome to the forum. In the box you usually got player, power cable, rca cable, usb cable, hex key, vinyl for the platter, cd with Denon dj music manager… Software you can download on denon dj website in downloads area / legacy products.

thanks for the info, I fear that these bozos lost the hex key, I know i was going to have to replace the control vinyl so I ordered one today. The price was right so I couldnt pass it up, besides that im sick of fixing sldz1200s, their complete crap.

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