Got my Prime 2 ... Wow, just wow!

I received my Prime 2 about a week ago. I can’t believe how awesome this thing is. I am quickly becoming a “Denon fanboy” … I am coming from Pioneer gear and the Prime completely wipes the floor with the xdj standalones. I have it on a dresser with a towel over it until cases become available. I’m considering a Magma CTRL Case if/when they release one for the Prime 2, along with a Decksaver. I also have a Prime Go on pre-order… can’t wait for that either. Great work Denon. I can’t say enough good things about the Prime gear!


Hi @jedisinclair13 Great to hear you’ve received your Prime 2 and you’re enjoying it!

Is this your first experience with a Denon DJ product?


I owned Denon products many years ago… DN-X500, HC4500 and MC6000 mk2. I tried a few newer Denon controllers, but the mic levels were always way hot, so I’d have to purchase mic attenuators. The Prime 2 doesn’t seem to have that issue and the built-in mic attenuation feature in the settings is awesome. When Pioneer came out with their all-in-one, I fell in love with the concept. I just couldn’t get comfortable with the xdj stuff. I tried, but with the Prime, it’s very intuitive and much more user-friendly. I know a lot of people don’t care for Engine Prime software, but I like it. I would like to see the ability to create smart crates though.


Hello from Athens Greece. Enjoy this amazing controller. I own prime 4 for 1 month now and if I could take it to the bed with me I would do it. Amazing units.


yes in deed Denon nailed it! :grinning:

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Why can’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will have the same feeling as you when Denon ships out the sc6000s it’s infuriating waiting Denon needs to get to shipping the 6000s asap kmt now mixcloud has given a platform for DJs I want to make use of it

Definitely the Magma case and Deck-saver works really well with the Prime 4. I’ve been using them since the launch last year. The case gives you a bit of space underneath to put leads in, also have the Magma case and Deck saver on the MCX8000 which on that the power supply fits underneath the player nice and tidy. Hope this helps Enjoy

Yeah considering these cases also for my Prime 2 the decksaver is a must for all controllers in my opinion.But definitely want a magma bag also I emailed them the other day to see when they are going to be available to retailers.Guy emailed me back saying end of June