Good monitor speakers for x1850?

Just checking on what the community id happy with for monitor speakers? Also which is your preferred output cables and why?

Any near field monitors for home speakers would do. If quality is needed, go for Adam, EVE, Genelec but anyway for Djing that’s overkill (some purist do even more than that anyway)…

I would say, anything what packs a good sound and You can afford it will serve it’s purpose. Go for Booth connection. Many people use master out, but then on the stage they have the tendency to crank up the master in order to hear better, as they are used to that behavior.

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Thanks for the comment NoiseRiser. I guess I am most unclear on what output cabling to go with for the x1850 and then picking the right speakers for that, any suggestions?

First get the monitors - than You know what connections they have. From mixer - Booth out is 2x TRS 6.3mm jack.

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It’s kinda based on preference and your ears.

I’d add DynAudio and Neumann to above list, but budget defines your options as well. :grimacing:

Just go out and listen to some with your music taste playing on it.


I’ve tried many speakers and owned several, but absolutely nothing came close to the Adam Audio S3X-H. Finest Club Sound from Studio Monitors without the need of separate Subs. I swore on these Adams and they never let me down.

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I have a pair of Rokit 8 speakers and love the depth and quality. For the price, I absolutely would recommend them. There is an option to add a sub also but I find since they are 8 inch, they provide plenary of low end for my listening needs at home.

For cables, most monitors do offer xlr/1/4 combo ports so I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about that for now. As others suggested buy a monitor and then the cables you need.

I bought both cables because I don’t like using adaptors (adding a point of failure) and sometimes I use them in booth and sometimes in master out so it depends on how you want it setup.

I have had Rokit5 for almost a decade now.

They do the job for me in the home studio. No neighbours disturbed

KRK I would never buy, but that’s just taste.

You don’t like yellow mustard :grimacing:

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Well, I like mustard, but not in my ears, so I double the Reese’s voice in that. No KRK for me…


Did you mean near field monitors for home-use or DJ cabin monitors for live play-it’s a different scenario

Home use. Really loving all the recommendations everyone has been making so far.

With loudspeaker recommendations it’s always a thing. Everyone has a different sense of hearing.

The best thing to do is to listen to a sample in a good professional shop.

If you have little space I would use 5 “or 6” monitors - if you are a deep-bass fan then an additional subwoofer

Personally, I have had very good experiences with the KRK and JBL 305 MKII - Genelec and Neumann are then already luxury class at appropriate prices

KRK Rokits - the “most used studio monitors in the world” (quoted from

I think it’s wise to choose something which so many other people use, for DJing or for production work. They may not be the best or most accurate - but they’re ubiquitous.

Yamaha made a speaker called the NS10 which was nothing to write home about, but it could be found in almost every recording studio in the world at one point, and probably is still there in many of them.

Adam Audio user checking in, T8Vs with a T10S sub, love them and the ribbon tweeters are no joke with helping with ear fatigue.

And in KRK’s defense, I’ve never used them personally but the reviews on the new Rokit series are overall positive compared to the older ones, I was temped to try the 8s when they came out last year but decided to stay with Adam Audio.

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me too.

For same or less money you can walk home with better sounding comparable ADAM Audio speakers engineered in Berlin, Germany. Try the Adam T8V or if you can spend more, the A7X. I had long time the A77X on my wish list, but after some malinvestments in Studio monitors from Akai Pro, Behringer, Eve Audio, KRK. A Dealer showed me my favorite A77X. Just for fun we switched between the Adam and the Eve one. Adam was the one preferred.Than came Focal in the A/B Soundcheck. What the hell, the clarity, it was undiscribable different. I discovered many things never heard before, like havin glases for your ears, so I bought a pair of these Focal twin6 be. Later there was a good offer from Adam Audio about the S3X-H (reference Monitors tech Award). I bought them to compare and hear if they could compete with the Focals. What should I say? I liked the Adams so much, I kept these too. Over time I realized that I only use the Adams, so I sold all other Studiomonitors and bought a second pair of Adams S3X-H, not the cheapest decision but truly the best sounding one with any music genre.

If I regret something, then that I have tormented myself and my ears for so many years with compromises and a second-class sound …


KRK on top :stuck_out_tongue:

By that logic is Pioneer the best DJ gear :thinking:


Definitely not… and never was…

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