Giulia Plays Sound mix n°2

Hi Denon mates! :wave: I’m not satisfied at all… It’s a good mix, but not perfect… It doesn’t sound as I immagine… Can you give me some suggestion for the next mix? What have I wrong?


Howdy right back at you. While I don’t have time to listen right now (the mrs. is telling me to come to bed - how can I refuse), on a general note: I know of very few DJs who are really happy with their mixes right off the bat.

It’s best-practice to always record your practice sessions and listen back to them while not in “DJ” mode. That is a great way to hear what you can do better next time. It will actually give you laser focus for your next practice session(s).

If you want to make a real good mix(tape), accept that you will have to do some work afterwards, like Photoshopping publicized pictures. So if it’s the technical side you are worried about, know that even with simple tools like Audacity (free) you can do a lot to improve your mixtapes.

If it’s music selection and/or transitions or FX use, that is a different story.

Thanks for your advices. I think I miss something in the post-recording phase. Actually I use garageband, next time I’ll try with audacity.

What I noticed: There are quite some harmonic crashes. Avoid mixing different melodies / basslines together if they are not a good match. Use tools like mixedinkey to find matching tracks.

If you make long transitions, wait for the the bassline to end before you blend in a new one in.

If you want to make fast transitions, use harder cuts to switch basslines. Hot cues are great for this technique.

I prepare all my new tracks in this way: I put the first cue point at the beginning of a track, the second cue point at the starting point of the bassline. I also have a saved loop in the same track in the beginning of the outro (just beats, no more bassline). With the simultaneous push of 2 hot cues (old track: beat outro loop, new track: bassline) you can make cool transitions. Just watch your levels to avoid hard breaks in the flow.

Thank you a lot! I’ll try again and I’ll do better! :blue_heart: