Gettings from Brazil

Started all the way back, in 1978… Owned a pair of Technics turntables and an analog mixer I built myself, from DYI electronic kits available back then. Played at all types of events with those, from the local community party to some real nice venues in Rio de Janeiro. Then Uni happened, work followed, marriage, kids, you know the drill. When I was about 40 I noticed technology had evolved so much I could not believe my eyes and ears. Got a pair of Denon 5000 CD players, a new analog mixer and Final Scratch (essentially Traktor). Had not played for more than a decade, but still had it in me and got used to the new format with the blink of an eye, Every now and then I would upgrade my equipment and my software. Played with everything under the sun (Final Scratch, Traktor, Torq DJ, Serato, Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Deckadance), always searching for the next killer program. Started with Controllers with the late M-Audio Xponent, then upgraded to a Pioneer DDJ-SX2. I still keep both on my Den’s shelf… When I learnt about the Prime 4, I was intrigued and could not resist.