Getting of dust inside the Player

Hey, at my last gig, a lot of dust and little particles got into my players and the mixer. Is it hard to take off the top part of the players and the mixer? Are there just the screws on the top, which I have to off? What‘s with the guarantee? Kind regards.

Just use a portable air compressor set no more than say 6 psi. I regularly give my laptop, Tower PC, Technics SL1210’s, Mixer etc a blast with my air, gets rid of the majority of dust around heat sinks, fans, faders etc, no need to do a full strip down as this might invalidate the warranty. This method for me keeps my equipment cleaner and most importantly running cooler. All the Best Woody

So isn‘t it dangerous for the electronic to have all the dust inside the players?

I think in theory yes, it can be and could cause an issue. If it were my players, I would open them up to clean them too (if you think something got inside that is).

Hi Guys, Just to add any equipment out of warranty usually gets a full strip down as much as I dare, to blast dust out, but gear under warranty just gets a blast wherever I can get it without stripdown to ensure warranty is not breached (T&C’s) All the Best Woody

As long as there are no seals applied to the scews it should be safe to open the case for maintenance. It’s not normal to run the equipment with dust inside for 3 years, even if it is inside warranty period. All that dust leads to overheating, moisture accumulation and increased conductivity that may produce short-circuits. Do any warranty covers lack of maintenance?

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