Getting my MCX8000 running with my PC

I recieved my MCX8000 and have a hard time installing Windows driver for it. Windows report device driver was successfully installed, but not able to connect MCX to PC. The MCX8000 driver says “Hardware not connected” which it’s obviously is. I managed to connect a few times a minute or two, before going down again. I really hope this is not a start of a nightmare…

The usual suspects…

Disable the lappy webcam - webcams and MIDI hate each other.

Remove any USB hubs

Remove any external USB devices for the moment

Try a different USB port

I am actually trying out the MCX on a desktop PC which is known to operate smoothly with the MC6000mk1. It seems the driver (1.0.5) is now installed and called up everytime the PC is started up and connection to MCX established. My problem now is that after a track or two, sometimes 5 tracks and sound gets all distorted and after a short while driver crashes, sound is zero. I changed the buffer size in Denon driver to max (4096) and the MIDI interval setting in MCX to 10mS. Then it appears it runs more robust. But is it normal to be forced to be used maximum settings?

Yes. The MC6000 is no small controller for sure, but the MCX8000 has more controls for the computer to think about, two high resolution constantly updating colour screens for the computer to think about, a sound card for the computer to think about, simultaneously. Giving a computer more to process, will usually mean that even a fully optimised PC (which, if done properly, could take a few hours, once… and re-done if anything is updated or added to the computer) could struggle more with a controller with more features.

Looks like I’m getting problems when connecting the MCX to USB3 ports on the PC. Using standard USB2 does not give this “distortion” problem. Could this be true?

Hello, this could suggest that your Chipset driver requires an update, please check with your computer manufacturer what driver updates are available.

We also recommend ensuring you have the latest Net Framework installed.

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Yes. Easily.

USB 3 drivers in computers are still all over the place. You might find that your motherboard/laptop manufacturer has more recent, more up to date USB or USB drivers on their website, but that depends on which chipset they’re using for usb3 etc