Get 3 months *FREE* Soundcloud Go+

Denon DJ & Engine OS are offering 3 MONTHS FREE access to SoundCloud’s Go+ account to stream direct from your Engine OS powered device.

SoundCloud Go+ gives you offline and ad-free listening to everything from mainstream releases to DJ sets and remixes.

To claim, simply visit, click on ‘Account’ to register your product today.


So for those of use who’ve already registered our product, this is listed underneath among the other trials etc?

@PKtheDJ Correct

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OK so the site layout has changed since I last visited, and initially it seemed I only had SoundSwitch and 15% off merch offers. I had to click around to find the SoundCloud Go+ offer.

Follow this link for easy access:

Is @Jay_DenonDJ back?

Is soundcloud access only in the firmware that’s in beta still ?

No, soundcloud is available since 1.5.2 official firmware

Thanks. I’ve got the beta firmware installed and I wondered if this souncloud 3 month offer was appearing today as some sort of synchronised push for the proper release of the beta firmware becoming actual release firmware. But as you say that soundclouds already been available in an actual firmware release then it’s probably not related.

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I’m waiting for the final 1.6 too…Now with a full range of players and standalones, I believe firmware releases will take a little longer, as they need to be tested on the whole range to become available. Would be cool if the final release, or a newer public beta become available soon :slight_smile: @Jay_DenonDJ any news about the new FW? Thanks!!!

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So what if SoundCloud GO + does not work in Poland. Unfortunately, it is a failure[quote

@MarioDjs That will be something for SoundCloud to accomplish. These types of services usually are rolled out in small steps globally, taking into account local laws, support, infrastructure and most of time with eye on possible revenue and profit (among others). Solution is to be patient, perhaps report your wish to SoundCloud. A possible workaround could be to register through VPN.


I signed up today for 3 month trial with link under my offers and it took me through the process on soundcloud website. When i go to try pair my SC5000M’s with code all it does is send me to soundcloud sign in webpage i sign in then asks me to sign up for 1 month soundpro go subscription?

Even when i initially went to sight with link it said i have 3 months free trial but different story when trying to connect media players?

Yeah I did all that yesterday signed up for 3 month free trial offer had to use credit card and all which really worries me now as this 3 month trial thing is a mystery to my Denon sc5000m’s as when I connect to wifi/enable Soundcloud I get a code given only to be sent to a website to sign up for 1 month trial…even though I redeemed offer for 3 month trial under my downloads next to my purchases and via link given. Now you know what I mean about not liking giving people like Soundcloud my credit card info for “free 3 month trial?”

I have since contacted Soundcloud and still waiting for a response I never wished I had even bothered with this whole thing it’s pathetic if you ask me.

Since fw 1.6 says that with SoundCloud GO + it is possible to see key and BPM, does this mean that with it it is possible to see these values immediately without having ever analyzed the tracks or even downloaded them to the deck?

Generally with other streaming services (Tidal for example), the BPM and key fields will be analyzed only at the first download of the track, then they will be kept in the console memory for the future, so they will subsequently be displayed but at least once they must be analyzed.

I was wondering if using Soundcloud with the new fw 1.6 there was instead the possibility of obtaining that information already in the search phase of the track, before downloading it and analyzing it inside the console.