Genres Repeating On MCX8000


I have recreated my database using the Engine Prime software, when i export to MCX8000 which is my controller and put my USB into the controller it shows the same Genre over and over instead of putting all the tracks in that Genre into the one Genre.

Can you help please?

Are you running the latest firmware?

Sure I reported this previously but I can’t remember if it got fixed in the beta. Can’t check as all those posts have gone now.

Hi, i am using Firmware v2.1 on the MCX8000

Compare the tracks that show up under each Genre listing. Are they the same? This may or may not be the case for you but if the Genre spelling or spacing is different then Prime (or any other software for that matter) will see them as seperate Genres.

Example: Engine Prime will see FOUR different Genres from the examples below

  • [Hip-Hop]

  • [Hip Hop] (No DASH between words)

  • [HIP-HOP] (All Upercase)

  • [Hip-Hop ] (Blank space at end of the Genre)

Be sure that the capitalization, spacing, etc. is consistent.

If you made any changes to tracks that have already been exported fo to MCX, you will have to:

  1. Remove those tracks from your collecton
  2. Run Export so that the track(s) old data will be remove entirely from you collection
  3. Add those tracks back to your collection
  4. Run Export again so that the changes will reflect

Hi I have had a look and the genre names are spelt exactly the same way. On the software on the pc they are correct on the controller they are all separate.

Just reviewed my collection and I have the same issue. I can’t say for certain what caused it. My guess is that I updated the meta data (i.e. genres, etc.) to some of these tracks after export. Again I’m not sure.

I removed the tracks from my collection then added them again and that resolved the repeating Genres problem.

Not to say that this is the correct fix. Definately something to be reported to Denon provided that the scenario can be reproduced for their review.

I definitely reported it some time ago, but don’t have a record of where.