Gain on Audio track keeps fluctuating in Serato

Hey guys,

I was gifted a newly refurbished MCX8000 from a friend, and I love it so far! No major issues. However, there is one issue I’ve noticed when using Serato. Serato has an auto-gain feature that automatically sets the gain for all the tracks. However, I disable that feature because I like to set the gain levels for each track manually.

The issue I’m running into is that the Gain level that is shown in Serato increases by a lot when I change the BPM (going from 2 yellow lines up to red). This issue only happens when “Key Lock” is activated. When “Key Lock” is not activated, the gain level does not change. (My MC6000 MK2 does not have this issue.)

The good news is that the Deck Gain on the controller does not increase, and there is no change in the audio coming out of the speakers–so it’s not a huge issue. But I’m just curious if anyone has run into this issue. I’ve reached out directly to Serato and erased some files on my computer that they recommended–but issue is still there.

Thanks, Jon

What’s up @djbeato21,

I’ve been using Serato for over 13 years and I’ve been using the MCX with Serato for nearly three years. I’ve never had that issue, but then again, I prefer to use auto-gain since it works really great in normalizing my tracks and is one less thing to think about as it helps in minimizing the chance that a track comes in too low or too loud. Regardless of auto-gain being enabled or disabled, you still are able to use the TRIM on each channel to fine tune your output levels.

If your really want to have fun setting the gain levels manually, play in standalone mode. I went live on FB a couple of days ago doing just that. Check the video below.

Enjoy the MCX!