FX Quantization?

Whilst the Prime 4 FX are indeed time/BPM based, some (such as the gate and roll effects) are difficult to trigger precisely on-beat. For example, a 128 BPM track will inform the gate effect operate at 128 BPM, but if you press the “on” button even a fraction out of time, the effect is offset by a few milliseconds, which to be honest, can sounds a little sloppy!

I would assume the FX section is a seperate sound-triggered module within the unit - a bit like the workings of a standalone mixer, so I’m not sure if any quantization/beatgrid information could be sent by the Prime 4’s internal software… The performance pad functionality, such as rolls and cue jumps are timed perfectly and obviously recieve this information.

Am I missing a trick, or is there a workaround for this?

I think there’s already a feature suggestion, on the appproved suggestion form layout l, for quantize effects. Add your Like to that to let denon know there’s someone else who wants help with timing effects triggering.

I did have a search, but obviously didn’t look deep enough! I’ve found a sub-post mentioning the issue. Glad to know I’m not the only one that notices the issue :+1:


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