Future Wish- 2-Channel PRIME Mixer

Wouldn’t it be great if Denon launched a 2-channel prime mixer?

1x SC6000 and 1x SC6000LC plus 2-channel mixer would be my dream set

What do you think about that?

I’m not sure if 2 channel mixers would be as popular now as they were back when technology was more basic.

A 3 or 4 channel mixer would allow DJs to add feeds from samplers, rhythm machines, sequencers, DAWs etc over the top of their main source pairs

Umm, sorry Nitebeatz, but the 2-channel mixer scene is alive and as popular as ever. Hell, I have a Xone:96, and even I find myself lusting after a Pioneer S11 Special Edition to pair with my MK5s. Maybe not with the Denon community, but it is still widely popular.


It’s ok that you’re niche. :wink:

I am exactly in the same spot - xone 96 and S11


Right on!! I bet that mixer is SUPER FUN to play on!!

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I have the S9 and the S11. Previously owned 62, 72.

There are more 2 channel mixers owners in my circles, than 4 channel.

I know a handful of Vinyl only lads and they seem to gravitate towards the xone 23c…

I too know some “tradition” battle mixer DJs, who claim to need two concrete upfaders, one concrete crossfader, and nothing else.

Other less traditional battle mixer DJs want two channels but with the obligatory Star Trek panel of flashing chequerboard pads added in

Then there’ll be the ones who want 4,6 or more channels too. It’ll depend perhaps on what percentage of each DJs set is scratching, mixing, fx, drum machines, synths, samples etc as to what mixer features they want or need.

After all, if a DJ is scratching deck 2 over a backbeat on deck 1, and wants to bring in a 3rd or 4th source in addition, then 2 channels ain’t gonna cut it.

There’s a mixer for every DJ, and a DJ for every mixer.

S11 is a two channel mixer, that let’s you play actually 4 channels and control them with only 2 vinyls.

I know that there are a lot of fantastic 2 Channel Mixers on the market.

But I need the Q-Link Network connection for soundswitch