Future updates may b

hiya , new ere , recieved my controller today

few ideas for now

1st being able to see the pitch on the vertical waveforms for example %4.12 , like u can on the horrzontal wave forms

you can see the pitch on the horrzontal wave forms only when u move the pitch fader but then it goes back to countdown time , ad like it to be visible all the time

2nd to be able to change the colour of everything we see on the screen , track lists, waveforms etc change colour individually

The ideas (display pitch range or Pitch - it wasn’t clear which you meant, or why… and colour - although I could see why they might wanna keep that recognisable globally) could well stand as good a chance as any other request for firmware changes , but probably only if you fill out all the questions in the “New Feature request form” in that specific part of the forum.

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