Future Request - Recording to USB


Hello I would like to have an option to record my sets directly on USB stick / disk . It would be perfect.


I will pass this request onto our product development team for you :slight_smile:


Yeah, We’ve asked for this one already so they know. Maybe a big firmware update will be announced at NAMM that adds this! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hopeful!!


So you want firmware updates to both the mixer and players, that would send audio through ethernet from mixer to one of the players (or both if you don’t make a switch that would enable to select which one) simultaneously with Engine Link data, without affecting stability? Lol good luck with that.


My Point is to have the ability to record our sets directly to usb , from X1800 or SC5000 it doesn’t matter from where. I just want if is possible to eliminate the laptop.


Well it should be the mixer but it doesn’t have the appropriate usb flash drive type connection to do that.

You can, however, record with an iPhone or iPad. See a specific topic about that: Using Apple phone into x1800 USB port 1 or 2


So we’re saying that our little computers (and by computers I mean our SC5000s) that are running an OS shouldn’t be able to route things appropriately to get digital audio to one of the players? Just to confirm. : )

P.S. The Bandwidth and CPU power are there.


We can’t say if the bandwidth and power is there on the players to do this, but if there were, how would you get the sound from the mixer back into the players? It would have to go through the network connection, which right now isn’t even sending all played track info that it should, let alone streamed audio back and forth. Heck, there still isn’t even the ability to load tracks from Engine Prime onto the decks yet. And I’d much rather they get not only all that stuff cleared up but a couple Audio over Ethernet standards implimented at least just on the mixer-computer ethernet port before they try and turn the Prime system into some all-in-one with onboard recording. Just get a little digital recorder, as that will give you record ability no matter what system you play on.


You make good points but I still say it’s doable with the tech at hand. And who knows what they might unleash within the hardware with the next firmware. I bet there are some good surprises in store. I’m remaining hopeful! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree there’s other stuff I’d like them to sort out as well - mostly the bpm algorithm but I digress. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t hope for this function, yet… :sunglasses:


Thanks fo the comments and thoughts guys , Let’s hope that can be implemented , in the future . Maybe it sounds like Steven Spielberg scenario , but as SC5000 has so many usb inputs, A usb output from the X1800 to USB input on one of the Players , can be utilised on many ways . It 's exactly how the xdj-rx is connected internally and has the recording option.


Currently this feature is unavailable on the Prime series. In the Prime Series setup, you can record sets two ways; 1. Record Out via RCA to recording device, 2. over USB 1 or 2 to computer with recording software. We’re continuously working on our products and developing future products so keep your eyes peeled in 2019 :slight_smile:


is there an official bug / feature request submission area? or do we do that right here in the forum?


please search for the issue you are having, if you can not find the topic in the forum you can open a new discussion :slight_smile: