Future proofing the Prime Series

How far do you think they can push the Prime 4 feature set? What surprises await the Prime setup of SC5000 and X1800? Will they remain close or will one move a bit ahead?

I think that thanks to Engine connect letting the decks swap data with the mixer it should mean that everything the prime 4 can do as its decks and mixer all in one box, the SC5000 and x1800 can do.

I wonder how denon managed to make the prime 4 so cheap compared to a pair of sc5000 and x1800. Andcthe only thing I can think of is that the prime 4 must share some of the more expensive components, like the processors.

For this reason I don’t think there will be much that the prime 4 can do above the full sc5000 pair system and x1800


Bigger jogs, 1 screen per SC instead of 1 for entire unit. 1 CPU for entire unit instead of per player. 10 second power outage buffer in players not in P4. Etx. Plenty of reasons the P4 costs less :smiley:

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There are limitations (feature brackets one might call it).

For example,

Sc5000/m-x1800 setup has dual sound cards, send/return, digital ins, midi out. You can expand the setup for your and others’ needs.

The Prime 4 setup is more self contained and can’t be expanded as much.

The Prime 4 price is reasonable compared to something like an iPad running algoriddim’s dj connected to say an mc7000.