Future Prime Media Player with CD drive and spining platter?



the Denon Prime SC5000 is nearly perfect, but i need a Denon Prime Media Player to listen to my CD’s.

Denon produced in the past always the best CD-Players and with spinning platter (DN-S5000, DN-HS5500, DN-SC3900…).

So i hope they will do it in future again… :slight_smile:

Is there any plan to do this ?

Thanks, Nils

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I’m all for a Prime media player with a direct drive moving platter! The sc5000 Prime Direct Drive Series…


I wouldn’t rule out anything, if enough different individuals want it.


Why on earth would you still want CD’s? That is lost on me.

Not trying to make fun of it, just curious as to what makes you want the CD players, what it will give you that isn’t there already.

I really don’t see the difference between playing from a CD or from an unprepared USB stick, other than that you need a LOT of CD’s to fill up one USB stick. Any CD organizing system can be simple transferred to a stick, right?

A spinning platter version I can understand. Wouldn’t be for me, but lots of vinyl fans would dig that I guess.

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