Fundamentals still missing - my Suggestions

Now these suggestions I personally deem as fundamental and I cant understand why these logical things are missing ? I am not a fan of having to use this software, it defeats the whole marketing Angle of the SC5000, but we have no choice until/if the players become truly standalone, that I hope as surely many of us want to get away from the computer / software.

100% Fundamental needs.

  1. Better Protection /back up option for the database - improved so that Prime does not pack up/corrupt the data base with the slightest issue. (Their is a huge problem here).

  2. Better detection External Hard drives as a recognised USB device ( Or instruction on how to get external drives to show up once more after failing to detect the first time of failing soon after )

  3. Playlist must have folders for sorting out our sets, ( I like to keep all my sets for calling up at a later date, but if you do quite a few different Genre or subcategories etc. the whole thing becomes a frustrating and long mess we need to be able to group out our playlists into folders please .

  4. Each Folder we browse in should remember that last track position in the list that the cursor etc was at, playlists and collections alike ( Also extended functionality to browsing on the SC5000). Its one of the most annoying aspects I have many dozens of folders with genre and sun genre and skipping back and too while getting a set together is so frustrating having to find scroll back to the last position in the list because each folder reverts back to the beginning I find this frustrating and it takes that much more effort getting sets together and does kill the moment.

  5. Better Back up options for missing tracks in playlists (Better remembers, stores the playlist info, keeps a written list so we do not lose sets if any corruptions happens) Browse to whole folders and do folder scan and replace missing files/songs automatically once found.

  6. Option to show extra bar makers obviously with slightly different visual so as to differentiate either at 8 beat, 16 or 32 bar ( This I also wish to extend to the SC5000 ) these are awesome visuals cues for mixing.

  7. Track data / beat gridding lock (which goes hand in hand with suggestion 8 also )

  8. Browser tag list_ example: to be able to select multiple tracks in browser lists and write changes too multiple tags at the same time such as the genre tag/ Comment and a new tag for Grouping would be an advantage for personalised Sub category’s or descriptions , so we do not have to enter each separately if they happen to be all the same.

I personally would like to also see the existing Comment tag and a new one for Grouping added in prime also added to the SC5000 for better organisation, and searching our own personalised browsing systems we create with the tags, this flexibility and additional group/grouping tag will make our life’s so much better once we decide to mix on the fly from a collection as suppose to a playlist.

  1. More elastic type beat gridding , stretching time via the yellow markers, more flexibility would be nice. ( and a must to add this function to the SC5000).

Problem I have 7 Times at least has engine prime software corrupted my drive / data base and I have had to start over, All I can say is I am at the end of my tether, no problem with the Music or user error unplugging drive etc, bought new hard drives formatted correctly, and each and every time is just a matter of time before it corrupts for no apparent reason, I really don’t want to have anything too do with this software at present it has to be said, sorry!, but we have no choice with large collections. I have no trust or reliability when using Prime software, and no problems using my drive without the engine prime software, only corrupts when using the software.

Just a little about myself I have been DJing since the 80’s and have experience from turntables and CDJs into the likes of Cross DJ, (This is the one to take functional ideas from unless used this you will not understand how its much superior with is with Organisation and gridding amongst many other things ), I have also used Traktor and serato and record box and a vast amount of hardware is putting it mildly. Unfortunately I am feeling extremely let down by Denon and the hype has not yet been realised to its better potential and tightly pulled together . This prime system is not yet a game changer, On one hand I see its potential only to get a bad feeling that important thing will be overlooked, Denon need to move on from the marketing hype and do what they set out to claim within a relatively short time span as is all doable with a bit of logic when implementing such functions in the software and hardware alike.

I know you have just released the engine Prime update, but disappointingly no fundamental changes that make what I mention above a much nicer experience using the Prime system, its all a battle at the moment, Yes its usable if I don’t personally get corrupted drives all the time, but its below standard, why settle for less than perfect, surely the development team know it can be perfect and what logically needs implementing ? and they know the importance of such suggestions above, nothing for gimmicks sake all has a fundamental purpose, surely you see what I see ?

Thanks for your understanding, no intention on bad mouthing here, I am exited for what could be and the likes of such things I have envisaged for decades as I evolved with all this tech and software yet at the same time I am scared my dreams of what I can do and wish too do will fall flat and I will almost die inside, its now or never the time is upon us (Denon please forget the hidden agenda of update and firmware shout out your intentions keep us trusting in you, you do not need to worry about pioneers next move if you get my fundamental suggestions and any other peoples suggestions that are as equally important done you will have cemented the prime series as number 1 for the serious mix DJ who knows the score) , this all means a lot to me in my life I have waited so long to see this potential and possibility, yet all is quiet with such improvement ? give us some signs , your so near in theory yet so far in practicality.