Function request for update

Hi, I would love for there to be a way to disable the pads without having to go into the preferences screen. Something like using a function button (similar to shift+Hot Cue) to quickly disable or activate the pads. My arm hits these pads while mixing and of course that causes an inadvertent cue point to be engaged. There’s times I want to lay down a cue point but then go back to turning the cue pads off to avoid hitting them inadvertently. Hoping this isnt too big of a deal to implement!


I don’t know how they’d make it any quicker.

Shift and hot cue is already taken as a command combination - it deletes hot cues when they were already set.

Besides after a few weeks more usage you’ll get used to avoiding accidental presses of the pads

They could have it so holding hot cue for 10 seconds deactivates the pads. I sit and plan out my sets and mix here in my home. So sitting with the mixer at chest level and trying to reach for the screen kinda forces me to rest my arm on the unit. Doesn’t s e e m too complicated to implement…

You could get to the pad lock on/off setting in the preference menu on less time though

I see what your saying. However, you have to still have to hold view, menu dive, toggle off, and then press view. Much more involved than just holding one button. Nonetheless, my suggestion was purely an example. Of course it’d be much easier to hold a button and then click hot cue for instant deactivation…