Function of conversion to compatible audio format before export for MCX 8000

  • ** What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Function of conversion to compatible audio format before export for MCX 8000**

  • ** How will this feature help you and others? will allow you to easily export audio files from a format not compatible (for example flac) with the mcx8000**

  • ** Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? yes but it’s not a denon product**

  • ** Does a workaround currently exist? if using an external application and then redialing cue points etc and reimporting to engine prime**

  • ** How often would you use this feature? whenever I had to support my mcx 8000 since my library is in flac**

  • ** Is there any additional information you’d like to add? would be good to try to export to mcx 8000 unsupported files a dialogue proposing the conversion and if possible giving the option to choose between the formats compatible with these and their different possibilities for example: select codec mp3, aac, wav and then select quality 320 kbs, 196, 160 etc, if it is very difficult this last with mp3 320 kbps would be enough (mp3 is already free so I think it would be ideal)**


I would dare propose another challenge, in addition to yours, @El_Corsario. If Denon DJ made the effort to implement importing Serato and Rekordbox libraries into Engine Prime, why not go the extra mile and implement Engine 1.5 library import as well? After all, it is a product of its own. This will pretty much solve the MCX8000 audio files compatibility issues.


I hope that it can also be imported from virtualdj, on the other hand it would be good that it will also support video files since many of us work with them and that the option that I am proposing of conversion will be used to export them to audio pics that can be used in our Dj equipment



I do not know why they banned my previous vote, the option of the videos is great so you do not have to convert them to mark them again and then export them to our usb

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Maybe you put a link or inappropriate words, I liked this functionality well I had to convert the videos and then put the cue points and loops to the audio files and then pass it through the engine and pass them to my sc5000, of course the original file should remain intact

thank you and I hope this improvement is included

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Hello, this export I think it could also be valid for the rest of the prime family for example in the case of video files