Full RGB waveform

I’d really like to see an option to switch from blue green white to FULL RGB


then like this :heart:


can you list the reasons? I find them confusing full rgb, while the three colors of Denon for me are the top.


RGB waveforms brings you the ability to see the full spectrum of an audiotrack.

If we take thoose 3 colors:

red = bass blue = mids green = highs

than purple means bass + mids without highs yellow means bass + highs without voice or mids

you can than also see at first look the energylevel of a track.

we don´t need full rgb 256 bit shades … but 4 to 5 shades from every color would help.

and it should be chooseable for users, that don´t want or need full rgb colors.

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Anything more than three colors simply looks like techno-vomit sliding down/across the screen.

I’d like it kept to three colours only

But I’d like to choose what those three colours are, as a personal preference. It could be like a screen with three of the colour wheels that we have for setting the platter colours.

So I could choose purple for bass, orange for midrange and blue for treble.

However I also like the idea of the waveform being the single colour of the platter ring - that’d be cool too

I’d like to see colored waveforms in serato, additionally, in standalone mode, the 3 color concept is cool, but id rather see a 3 color concept, with a spectrum of colors, not just overlayed colors, ie, red-blue-green would have a purplish color for frequencies in the low mid range. This really helps some DJs visuallize their music, and should at least be an option that is considered. I’d really just like to see the colors, that Serato produces, show up on the touchscreen when I’m in Serato controller mode lol.