full hardware mixer in traktor

does the ASIO support a full hardware mixer so you don’t have to use the internal mode, and able to unmapped the crossfader, EQ’s etc, for them all to still work, when you select external with 4 decks/tracks

ASIO driver has nothing to do with midi, it simply controls/communicates with the audio interface.

To answer your question: no. Only MC6000mk1 and DDJ-SZ can or excusively function in that mode: center section as external mixer, transport/jog sections as midi controllers for software.

Because of that mode for example, MC6000mk1 can work with SL1 to control SSL.

the ASIO driver needs 8 channels to be able to use the external hardware mixer, and be setup like

so you have left and right audio channels for each deck, passing up the USB cable and into a set mixer channel on the controller

controllers having built in soundcards normally means the mixer can be used as a hardware mixer. which will sound alot better running a studio soundcard instead of the soundcard built into your motherboard in your computer

there is no real reason to have built in soundcards if the mixer is’nt a full hardware mixer.

Not ASIO driver but audio interface needs to be 8in/8out. You asked a question, recieved an answer, what you ask is not possible on the MC7000. Signal routing needs to be different and a dedicated switch to toggle on/off midi for knobs and faders when controllers channel switches are set to “usb” is required.