Fuction AutoGain for Prime 4

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? I would like to have an autogain function in the Prime 4 !

  • How will this feature help you and others? The Volume of each Track does not have to be adjusted manually and each Track always has the same volume !

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? This is not in any product !

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Yes set manually !

  • How often would you use this feature? I would always use this feature and I think many others too !

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? This feature is included in almost every DJ Software and I think it’s great !



Merge with Autogain during analysis for playback on Prime hardware ?


Hey @Reese, let’s let these two threads stay alive. Mostly similar yes, but different. Thanks for the input though, you are super thorough!


Is it now in the feature request ??

You’re all set @Cuepoint, everything is where it is, thank you for your request!

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Okay, I hope the function will come.

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I’d also would like to see the autogain as a function in the Prime 4 unit available. At least it could support the ReplayGain Tag in MP3 / FLAC.

That would be great if there’s an auto gain functionality while analyzing tracks!

You mean like a normalize feature?

Having just moved from Traktor, this is the only feature I seriously miss. Autogain saves me having to fanny about with channel trim.

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I would love AutoGain to be recognized in Prime. This and AutoFade around 5 seconds is why I still iTunes. I’m looking into getting a Prime 4 or the new ‘buy 2 5000M, get the 1800 for free’ deal.

I would like to buy the Prime 4 in 2020 instead of a new MacBook. But I need this - from my opinion - Standard-Feature.

Well, Denon bring it with an Firmware-Update, please!

This was on a rane 3 channel mixer a while back. It wasn’t as nice to work with as you might think. In some cases you just had to turn it off, and carefully ride the Gain knob as the Auto Gain released.

I could see this feature needed adjustments by the DJ for some tracks. Where would the Auto Gain take its level from ? The first note of the track? The first 30 seconds? The loudest point? The quietest point? An average of 2 or more of the above points? What works for one song might not work for the next song … this is (another) one of those DJ ingredients where the human ear and brain wins over the lazy option

If we have too many auto features , we might as well not be there.

It’s a standard feature in most DJ software and works well in my opinion.

I play music videos in VDJ and there are very few tracks need manually adjusted.

For the Prime 4 to compete with already existing products it’s needs to offer similar features.

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Just run all your tracks through MP3Gain, you may have to leave it running a while but you only need to do it once and then it takes seconds to run new tracks through it as part of your workflow. I have never needed to touch the gain settings on my X1800:


My preference will be for a non destructive method aka REPLAYGAIN


I’m guessing we will need a Engine Prime VU meter and Trim dial so that songs that the autogain overboosts or underboosts can be manually tweaked as well

Autogain please Denon.

your begging is getting nowhere. Adding “please add this denon” to every feature suggested is what you’ve been doing over the last few days.

“Please” messages don’t get counted by denon. Only adding likes to the original post in the suggest area will add anything to any score. And denon only “look” at that score, they don’t always act on it.

But add a like on a post rather than pointless begging.

Adding “please” or “please please please” will certainly drag your forum post count up but won’t sway denons mind one bit to add a feature: more over, begging just reminds other owners how slow firmware updates are right now

This is no begging, I’m browsing through and seen the post is old, no updates so I’m checking in. I’m also a new Prime user, just joined the forum. It’s great you have the features you need. From your other post I have way more music material than an internal drive can hold on the P4… anyways not your concern.

We all want free stuff so yea I want whatever anyone else asked for. I want all of it, every last request.

But you adding pleases to seemingly every request is like reminding me of when I took my 5 year old to the candy counter in a store.

I doubt denon will get sidetracked by such begging (and yea the repeated pleas please please, certainly counts as begging) but there are far more serious issues for denon to sort out on the firmware, before they should even dare to think about the pretty stuff)