Frustrated user, solve the problem!

Hello Denon DJ crew,

Yesterday I tried adding some playlists via Engine Prime to my internal disk in the prime 4. With this action I am extremely careful because I know that if you do not eject the disk properly, this will result in a corrupt database. While Engine Prime was copying the playlists to the internal disk of the Prime 4, Engine Prime indicated that the operation could not be performed and that something was wrong with the database. I tried the operation again because I thought that only the playlist in question was not copied. No more announcements followed. After this operation I have ejected the disc correctly. When restarting the Prime 4 in control mode, it indicated that the database was corrupted. No track were loaded anymore and my database was empty according to the Prime 4. Again I have connected the Prime 4 to my laptop and analyzed it with Engine Prime. Unfortunately the message came that I had to format the disk and rebuild it. It looks like that many users on this forum often have this problem with Engine Prime / Prime 4. This is very frustrating. Denon DJ, stop all new gadgets and updates, but first make sure that the equipment works correctly. It really drives me crazy. Engine Prime is terribly unstable. It regularly collapses, crashes or gives an error. Every time you want to place music on your Prime 4 you just hope that it goes well and that there will be no errors. This is not a workable situation. Denon DJ please solve this problem quickly.

  1. Windows 10
  2. HD 500 Gb (Maybe this is the problem that I have to change it into a SSD)
  3. ExFat
  4. Laptop internal drive with music

Kind regards,



A bit more information about your environment will go a long way in folks helping to troubleshoot

  1. Windows or Mac
  2. HD or SSD
  3. Size of said drive
  4. ExFat or Fat32
  5. Music source (Internal Laptop drive or NAS or external storage) Etc

I believe you will get suggestions once you provide that from the good folks here (most are helpful)



SSD is definitely the way to go. 500gb to 1TB from a good brand. It’s not mandatory to use SSD if HD is your choice.

Are you able to export to regular thumb drives without corruption?

Try formatting the drive in FAT32… I had issues with my USB formatted in ExFat

Are you still experiencing issues, @desooth?

@desooth You already said you were using ExFat for File System Type, which should work, but… What kind of Partition Type was used (MBR or GUID)? The Prime 4 only supports MBR partitions.

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