Frustrated about Mix-Cue Nob - please help!

Hi guys,

Denon newcomer but fan here. I bought the X1850 and two MC-5000s two months ago. Unfortunately the mixer had issues with a dead OLED screen after a week in usage. I returned it and ordered a new X1850 right away. Now 3 weeks in on my second mixer I noticed yesterday that the mix-cue nob started to behave funny. When I set the nob to cue-only you can still hear the master coming through the headphones. It almost feels as if the nob stopped working from the middle setting and then doesn’t fade into cue-only. I restarted the machine and it started working properly. Sometimes it switches between working and not working within the set by itself.

Getting increasingly frustrated here and thinking of returning the mixer a second time. Not sure if should go with a 3rd machine or changing to a different model. Does this issue sound familiar to you? Could it be hardware or software related?

Thanks a lot for your help! Really like the product otherwise - would hate to let it go.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I had similar issues with my mixer and had it replaced a handful of time in the beginning, but It’s really worth it!

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Yes, sounds like you sometimes turn on “fx cue” by mistake. Cheers