From Pioneer to Denon and No Laptop!

Hi, I’m a wedding DJ and MC. Finally made the jump from Pioneer as the Prime 4 was so compelling. However I am nervous about losing the laptop. How was your switch from laptop to standalone? Did it take time to get used to?

Started with a Mix track Pro 3 controller over a year ago then upgraded to a Pioneer DDJ SB3 at the beginning of the year, now I’m on the SC5000M’s with X1800 mixer and absolutely loving it.

Losing the laptop was the best thing I could’ve done. Much more fun knowing you almost have to rely on your ears rather than visuals for beatmatching. The feel of a vinyl platter is also amazing. I honestly don’t know how Pioneer are coming back from this. Denon have smashed it

I felt naked and afraid at first and suffered some withdrawal symptoms seeked some help and got over it. :rofl:

I use djay and Traktor dj1 on my iphone so I was used to it. If you know your music you’ll be good but taking requests for a wedding you’ll probably still need a laptop just to make searching easier.

Thanks for the tip. I want to lose the laptop so I will just have to suffer the burn of change. It may take a while to get used to but i’m looking forward to the challenge.

not with Tidal were good to go

It was the single best thing to happen this past year. I was on the verge of quitting playing altogether. This unit has so brought back the basics of DJ-ing for me, without the hassle of bringing (and upkeeping!) a laptop, power adapter, extra cables, hooking everything up, etc.

I dumped an SSD in there with all my tracks, did a onetime conversion from my Mixvibes Cross database and now I just set up my DJ booth (foldout flightcase model, approximately 15 seconds), take the P4 out of it’s bag (still haven’t gotten around to having my custom flightcase made), set it on the booth, plug in 2 speakers leads, 1 mic lead, 1 power cable (none of this adapter stuff, just power cord straight into the P4), 1 headphone cable and an RCA to mini-jack cable (iPad or iPhone backup).

Switch on the unit, check if it connects to the personal hotspot on my iPhone and off to the races.

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