Free tidal sub

I recieved my prime 4 today and tried to redeem the tidal sub that came with it and when I use the code provided tidal gives me an error stating “error occured, campaign not allowed”.

Is this because I’m in the UK?

The redeem only works for new Tidal accounts. Not the one you already might have.

Hello @DBLTHNK, thank you for posting. Please check out the article below to see where TIDAL is supported, including the UK. Additionally, It’s important that we collate all feedback into one central area for the product and development teams to review, so please post your findings in the PRIME 4 Public Beta section going forward. Thank you!

So is it ok for me to make a new account to take advantage of this, or would that break some ToS?

If you have any playlists in Tidal they would be gone. Also it cannot be the same e-mail address.

Above is speculation, because I haven’t redeemed my 3 months and still use the first account I made.

A new account would end up resulting in no playlists or anything you may have saved, @DBLTHNK. I do not think having a new account will break and Terms or Conditions.

Alright, thanks for the help…

When does beatport link arrive?

We have no information about other streaming services to provide to the public at this time.

How far back were the Tidal codes given out? I purchased my Prime 4 in August and I didn’t receive a redemption code for Tidal. Thanks!

Never mind I found it on my online profile :rofl::rofl::rofl: