Forum - Edit 'area' in profile?


Hey guys…

Is there a way to edit the ‘area’ section of the Forum? It states I’m from the Skegness area but I’m not as I’ve moved back to my home town but there is no option (from what I can see) to change It.

My current location is changed but I can’t remove the ‘Skegness’ part of my profile. Anyone know how to do It?


That threw me for a moment, as it’s one of those fields that users dont change often.

I’ve changed it from “Skegness” for you, as a temporary fix, but try the following path:

[Preferences] then [Profile]

Any issues, let me know what you need it changed to.


Thanks Gee. It was a bit of a random request but one I couldn’t find!


It was a little strange as I had ‘area’ and ‘location’ and one said Skegness and the other was Chesterfield (my home town). I could only find the option to change the location to Chesterfield. You nailed it!