Forget about updates

I just hope that Denon will not focus on premium 4 and forget about SC5000 - X1800 owners updates.

Sigh…it’s all one ecosystem. Updates will be for all Primes.

Only X1800 has a somewhat other firmware base.

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Do you really think Denon will stop the updates ?

Yeah! No worries we are alllllll good and it’s all a part of their bigger picture!


If Denon developers are smart they will have encapsulated Prime 4 only features with a flag that they can query with an if statement in the software.

This means the underlying codebase should be the same for all prime hardware.

Denon doesn’t chip away at Pioneer’s market share if they abandon their professional club equipment to focus on a flagship controller.


It would be cool to have the same premium interface 4 on the SC 5000 Example: search by year, change of tone, added date, playlist creation, etc …

Have some patience! :sunglasses:


I have the impression that you know information that we do not ? :smirk:

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Will all 250+ different requests that we’ve all jumped on here and said “add this feature, it’ll be easy to add, I can’t believe the Primes left the design desk without my request” be find their way into firmware?

Not a hope imo

Have about 50 of those different requests been added? Yeah, more or less. And have some things been added that weren’t part of those 250+ requests been added also? Yeah

Prime Firmware is getting more add ins than some other DJ hardware brands - omg yeah and that’s nothing to be disappointed about, or to feel hard done by about.

Be assured, Prime 4 is now part of the Engine Prime (series) ecosystem - SC5000/M units will continue to get regular updates, new features and fixes - features such as realtime key shift/match will be forthcoming to SC5000 & SC5000M in future fw updates. The X1800 development continues too unabated. Best Paul


I can only speak for myself and maybe a few other DJs (anecdotally), but the decision on whether or not to pick up a Denon (or add a second sc5000 to my setup) is - at this point -entirely dependent on the effectiveness/features/fixes/etc of the next round of firmware updates to the hardware as well as updates to PE. I have plenty of patience, and though I’m willing to have ‘faith’ in Denon (though there seems to be great people working there, Denon is also one managed property in an international portfolio of recently acquired companies…) , I’d really prefer to just rely on the self-interest of a well-managed company whose proverbial stock (being private and all) seems to be rising. To the future!

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I just hope that the next update is coming soon, coming from pioneer cdj 2000nxs-djm 900 nxs, I feel it was more responsive, after that is just my opinion. But I trust Denon, they will surprise us.

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