Flight cases arrived for SC6000

Flight cases for the SC6000 arrived today. Seem to be a good fit and construction. Got them from Thomann in Germany.


Been thinking about this. I have the Magma coffin which takes to much space in my attic.

Yep. I prefer to split the devices. It makes it easier to fit into a storage space or car. My lair got re-purposed so I’ve been using one of these so I can setup and breakdown quickly for streaming, but stash them in a “relatively” small space with the sub/speakers etc…

Yeah I know. All in one coffin is nicer to tuck the cables away, but this is more practical.

I haven’t tested to fit the SC6000’s in the originally SC5000 coffin, but I think I’m gonna sell the coffin anyway.

Yeah. The fold-out table lacks any way to manage cables: that’s a compromise, but otherwise it’s pretty useful and folds down small especially for the size and weight of it. I would be surprised if you had enough spare room to store the SC6000 in a 5000 case, unless you have a lot of foam to cut away at the screen end.

The original coffin was replaced by the multi format version, so I don’t think so.


Became this:

That looks like it could fit.

I think the lid isn’t high enough for the screens. I’m going to try soon, instead of guessing.

You have the THON versions or?

Yes the Thon versions.

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Please keep us posted on this as I actually prefer the single coffin style and I have a pair of SC6000s on the way to replace my Prime 4 so would greatly appreciate ANY first-hand experience on these players + X1850 and coffin cases.

EDIT: speak of the devil, Magma has a pic of them in said case:

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Yes, that’s my second link posted earlier, but they don’t fit as well as the 5000 coffin I have.

I got the pro x ones