Flight case size sc6000 vs sc5000

Are these the same… ? Or does the size really matter here? I see there is 2 cm diff on sc5000 vs sc6000

SC6000 is a bit deeper at the back. Case for SC5000 will not fit SC6000 if there was already a tight fit.


Thanks man. I came over a good offer but sad if thats the case. damn it

My sc6k in the bag for the 5ks.

The size difference is big from the bag.


I have the Magma cdj workstation flight case and switched from SC5000 to SC6000 without any problem

What bags are these and are they safe to stack like this?

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These are custom made bags. Obviously they are not as safe as heavy duty cases but for semi professional use they are excellent.


Thank you for the reply!

Both the sc6k and SC5k fit fine in my Odyssey FZW12CDJ coffin, but the sc6k and will not fit in my prox sc5000 case. It depends on the case.

I just bought a magma case today. Fits perfectly!!


I have the Magma coffin that was for the SC5000 set, but the SC6000 doesn’t fit in that one.

You have the universal/newer coffin or not?

Yes the universal one. The one that fits for sc5000, sc6000, cdj 3000 etc.

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How heavy is it?

I had to carry couple times a case with the XDJ-XZ and it was soooo heavy. Very inconvenient to use :smiley:

Around 20 kg. Then you have the equipment weight. It does have wheels tho!

I also have a coffin with wheels. All packed up it is about 35kg. I can still lift it with one hand, but it’s not convenient. I think I will buy some bags for the gear to fit it better in the cars when I travel.

Yeah I’m also going to sell my “as new” coffin and maybe buy 3 separate cases. A coffin is heavy and storage wise an issue.

However, a coffin looks so much better!

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