Flexible Beat Grids - FAQ & KB

This is the knowledge base and FAQ resource for all things Flexible Beat Grid related, both Engine OS and Engine Prime. Please use this thread to do discuss all things related to flexible beat grids. If your question is not answered in this post please add it below and we will answer it here.

What are Flexible Beat Grids?

Flexible Beat Grids is a feature set which allows the user to set tempo markets on a track that has varying tempos (either fluctuating, or speeding up / slowing down). Once set, this track can be loaded into a player and the changing tempo will drive any synced tracks. This is useful when syncing to transition tracks (A track that starts at 1 tempo and ends at another).

How do I use Flexible Beat Grids?

  • Engine Prime

    • Grid a multi-tempo song by inserting anchor points and manually entering the tempo in the Deck’s Grid Edit Controls.
  • Engine OS

    • Load a multi-tempo song with flexible beat anchor points set and sync other tracks to it. If there is one or more flexible beat grid tracks, a master button will appear on the waveform. If the master button is active, that track will drive the tempo.

Here is a quick walkthrough video that goes through the basic functionality and usage.

Known Issues

  • Master does not gets delegated on pausing, scratching or other sync breaking actions.


Is it possible to set anchor points for flexible beat grids on Engine OS devices?

At this time the ability to set beat grid anchor points is exclusive to Engine Prime. So you will need to first run your multi-tempo tracks through the desktop software first.

Please log all flexible beat grid issues you encounter as you would normally in the respected Issues & Defects sections.