Flex fader settings guidance

I now want to feel my way around the mixer and start tweaking settings on th mixer to match up with what I want. I’ve had a little play with the Fkex Fader settings, but couldn’t discernibly understand what was happening. I assume one makes it more reactive, 1 less, but which is which?

What settings? Cross Fader Cut in the utility setting?

Yes, not the physical adjustments that can be made by removing the fader.

Thats tension adjust.

So cross fader adjust is a tension adjust as well?

Sorry, I missed the beginning of your sentence haha. Tension adjust can be made only when you remove the fader.

I’m not sure what to say to you, that setting seems self explanatory from the user guide: you can dial the distance from edges of fader travel where the fader starts to affect the sound. I’m not not sure “reactive” is a proper description of that.

How can you move the crossfader -2mm though? This is what makes no sense!!

But makes sense if you remove the “mm” suffix.

How? You can’t move something into a negative if it has a physical stop?!??

Because a 0 is NOT a physical distance from the edge of crossfader travel length (faceplate), it simply marks a default position.

So that then returns to the original point then. As there is no defined “0”, which is the best setting for scratching then? I can’t discernibly tell any difference, but one would expect either extremely to be the most advantageous for cutting. As 0 doesn’t exist, does -2 mean sharper or +2??