Flashing Mic 1 light on the X1800

I noticed my Mic 1 light is flashing intermittently.

I don’t have any mics connected.

I don’t have the Mic On for either mics active.

Is this normal behavior?

Running version 1.2

Just curious as this intermittent green light is a bit distracting

Seems not normal. Can you set the mic threshhold. Could be that the gate is triggeing the light.

I have gone into the utilities menu and reset the mic settings to default. It still continued flashing.

I will adjust the gate and see if it goes away

It flashes even when there is no music playing and the 5000M are powered off

Threshold set to OFF

Still flashing

I have the same exact issue!!

I don’t know how and when it’s caused, however, since it’s not very important to me, I never realized a deep investigation :sweat_smile:

I did a factory reset and the flashing light is gone. :woman_farmer:t5:

Not sure what caused it in the first place.

hmmm strange. where there also audio crackles when the light wnt on ? or was it absolute silent ?

I didn’t hear any artifacts in the audio, it played normally but kept on flashing.

It’s gone since I did a factory reset and I will continue to monitor it.

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In my case, no audio artifacts nor any audio issues whatsoever. Only those flashes (that seemed random to me). I haven’t done any factory reset, but now for three days in a row, I didn’t had any flashes. Really strange.

Got the flashing lights again today. Haven’t done anything strange to the mixer.

Running 1.2 firmware, connected to two 5000Ms.

@JWiLL any ideas?

Hi @mufasa - The mic signal LED’s should not flash when nothing is connected to the mic inputs. I’m not sure what could be causing this but if its happening frequently, you may want to reach out to our support team to see if there is anything they can do help or schedule service for you.

Thanks boss.

I am also experiencing the same exact issue, and, although for me it’s a minor issue, I would be very grateful if any new advances are posted here in this forum thread, when they are discovered.

Can you hear anything in headphones or on main speakers if you turn the mic on-air. Could be a lose wire/dry joint on the mic connector so watch your speakers while you test

Nope. No audio leaks or artifacts.

I have never used a mic with the mixer, so I don’t touch that area at all neither have I ever messed with the mic settings.

It’s in whatever default settings it came with.

My first thought was the microphone gate just slightly oppened. But when there is no mic input, where should the gate get it´s signal ?!

Could be a “Digital Bit Error” that triggers the LED.

At my Prime4 there is no flickering LED if nothing is connected to the mic-channel.

So it also could be a weak connection inside your device, or maybe the outlet which sends some noisy power to the prime. (noisy power can also trigger LED´s).

Have you checked your Prime on another Plug ?

Or another clue: What about your cellular device ? - Could it be the triggering of a cellular phone ?!

You know the (d ddd ddd ddd d rrrrrrrr) if you come to close to an amplifier with your phone ?!

Whilst I’m not saying this is impossible, Then I should get the flashing every time I gig in bar.

I can try a new power point.

This will be something if it is.

Still waiting for support to get back to me. I emailed the global and UK branch :smile:

@JWiLL ,

I want to reinstall my firmware to see if it will sort out this blinking mic 1 led.

Managed to flash 1.2 firmware again to check if that will help and soon as the update was complete I was met with a furiously flashing MIC 1 LED.

So I checked with a mic connected sorta (used my cans as I don’t have a mic at hand here)

Mic 2 led only flashes when a mic is actually connected and button MIC 2 is set to ON.

Mic 1 led just flashes on its accord, MIC 1 on or off, I noticed if I turned the MIC 1 gains up without a mic connected the LED 1 blinks faster.

There are no audible artifacts in the mic 1 when speaking.

Looks like it’s an hardware issue with MIC 1 LED

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I noticed that my mixer started doing this last night with no mic connected. Will try a factory reset but any other suggestions?

Had to send it in to the service department. They replaced a PCB in it