[FIXED] Wifi Not Linking with Iphone 11Pro Hotspot

Hey Guys, I just tried to sync my wifi to a new Iphone11Pro and it will not connect. Works with older Iphones even a Xs just not the new one. Also connects to home wifi just fine.


I experienced a problem tonight, using an iPhone 6S. It took about 15 tries to get my phone connected. And then… even though the P4 shows that it is connected to my phones hot spot, tidal says there is no connection. I had to go in & out of tidal numerous times before it would register that there was an active connection. Very inconsistent behaviour…

I’m having a simmilar problem on my SC5000’s with my Huawei P20 Pro.

It will connect to the hotspot, but the player just jeeps saying “Loading”… And nothing happens.

I practically place the phone on top of the player.

We’ve made several improvements to WIFI connectivity in the latest beta. @JayOliver, @crazycraig, @Engell - are you guys still seeing this in Beta 2?

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Hi AIRVince. I haven’t experienced any issues since installing beta 2. I actually used my phone for about 4hrs on Saturday. Constant streaming from tidal - no issues at all.

Cool - thanks for the update! I’m going to move this to the Fixed area. If this does spring up again, just tag me here, let me know and I’ll move it back.