[FIXED] Waveforms not running smoothly

  • Beta Version: 1.4

  • Steps to Reproduce: Play track from Tidal on deck 1 and then download and analyse track on deck 2

  • Expected Result: Smooth waveform on from deck 1

  • Actual Result: Waveform not running smoothly until deck 2 analysed

  • Reproducibility: Every time

  • Additional Notes: Prime 4 linked to fast broadband using Ethernet cable

  • Link to Video Repro:

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I may be wrong but this does not seem to be a bug to me, but simply the result of the Prime 4 processor somewhat being taxed by simultaneous playback and analysis,

Makes sense. Sc5000s have a processor in each player. The prime 4 is a Third if the price so I doubt it’ll have multiple processors. Still once you analysed a tune you’ll never have to analyse it again so you won’t fax the processor again for that tune

I’d hope it wasn’t the processor. Totally agree that it will be taking up a lot of processing power, but you’d hope that Denon would leave some headroom in the processing power to accommodate additional requirements from future improvements and updates. If not, it’s going to feel like you’re using a 5 year old iPad the next time they do an update (or if you use additional functionality like SoundSwitch).

When you see that even on a desktop i7, analysing to three colors takes a good few seconds per 5 tracks simultaneously, with no other tasks taking place, audio analysis could be one of the heaviest tasks for the processor.

I wouldn’t worry then, that a single processor shows “Unsmooth” scrolling while analysis is going on. It could probably process all sorts of extra and new ideas, just not analysing, at the same time as playing something from the other layer.

Hey guys, We’ve some done some performance improvements in this area for Beta 2. Are you still seeing this on your players?

I can confirm that 1.4 Beta 2 is much better when playing and also analysing. Waveform of the playing song is way smoother.

Cool - thanks for the update! I’m going to move this to the Fixed area. If this does spring up again, just tag me here, let me know and I’ll move it back.