[FIXED] Sync Manage sync all playlist they are empty

  • Beta Build Version:

1.4 beta 1

  • Computer OS & Build:

Mac os 10.14.6

  • Steps to Reproduce:

tick the playlist I want and hit the sync button

  • Expected Result:

playlist to be sync with songs in it

  • Actual Result:

playlist are there but all with no tracks in it.

  • Reproducibility:

happens everytime I sync

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info:

my external drive is a SATA SSD usb-c drive and all my songs and playlist are in there (no songs on the actual laptop) was already an engine library in there before syncing.

Thanks for reporting this @DjDyve

We’re aware of a particular workflow which can result in empty playlists being exported through Sync Manager, which requires the playlists to have been imported to the Engine Prime collection from iTunes / Apple Music app first.

We have a fix for this which is going through our QA team as we speak, this will be fixed for the next public beta release.


I seem to be having this issue without playlists at all. I’ve noticed that a couple of my songs don’t sync, although the vast majority do. All the songs are just in one main “music” crate, which is directly copied from my whole iTunes (apple music) library. When I sync the one music crate, only a few songs will not show up on the USB.

I’m on catalina with 1.4 beta 1.

confirming i’m able to reproduce on windows 10.

i’m using Itunes and a samsung SSD.

am selecting playlists to sync across to the drive, it says its sync’d however i have 2 problems:

  • not all play lists come through
  • of those that do, some are empty, some are partially empty.

not sure is this is a separate issue or not given the different OS (Windows 10 - latest build - HP Spectre 360)

Hey @DjDyve @lukasschmit @Majestik

This issue should now be fixed with Public Beta 2. When you get the time could you download the latest beta and give it a whirl? Let me know how you get on.

Hi I’ve just tried again on my hp spectre. its definitely better, as in i’m not getting empty play lists, however i’m still notgetting the full amont of songs coming across. i ran the export a second time at which point it popped up a message saying dome songs will be deleted from the drive, i hit ok, and now some lists have more songs on the drive that the itunes lists actually do?

it needs more work

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sorry forgot to tag you on my reply @KDonaldson


I’m having the same issue. On the 16" MBP on Catalina, it seems like about 85% of songs sync across, while some just won’t. My whole library is stored in iTunes (Music app now). Engine Prime can add everything to the collection, its just syncing to the USB that fails for some songs. I can’t discern any obvious pattern to songs that don’t sync, like weird punctuation or anything.

I’m not even using playlists or crates, everything is just in a single music crate and this still happens.

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