[FIXED] Screen freeze when searching USB after 1st letter

I use an internal SSD and while it is faster than an usb drive, I also confirm it could be faster.

I have an internal SSD and it is happening with this as well. I did the update and it is doing exactly what is happening in the video above

I have the same problem.

I have also the same problem

Is confirmed - Denon knows - and yes - in HDD mode the same problem.

Hi, habe das gleiche Problem…habe den Mut gehabt es auf einer Party mit der Beta Version 1.4 ausprobiert…hat 10 Stunden ohne weitere Aussetzer, außer die oben genannte, durchgehalten sowie in Tidal Musik gesucht und ohne Probleme angespielt…

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Is it hanging as a true screen freeze glitch or is it just searching immediately upon typing? Preferably it shouldn’t be occupying the unit with a processing task until you explicitly tell it to by hitting enter.

It feels that the unit searches as you enter the first letter. And to the amount of data the first letter outputs, it hangs a while. But you can also blindwrite, it captures all input you do while it hangs.

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Yeah, that’s bad. That’s like Facebook and Google do that junk. You don’t want auto search or auto fill or anything auto like that. It should wait until you hit enter. Should be an easy fix if that’s what’s going on. I don’t use search that much because it’s painfully slow, but this could explain some of that. If I need to find a track, I can use my phone to find out where it’s at on my drives faster and just go there manually.

Yea, shouldnt be a hard thing to fix :wink:

Is everyone still experiencing this problem regardless of power cycling and trying different external drives other than SATA?

@Ross_G I have this problem always present with an external (WD Elements Desktop) USB3 drive or SanDisk USB stick. Power cycle doesn’t help. USB stick freeze is shorter in time than the hard drive, but also that collection is smaller.

Here’s a result on SanDisk USB stick 64GB (external keyboard used). This also lags, but not as much as on the other movies.

Still the same. I think it would be wise to list live results after 2 or 3 characters OR to let the keyboard receive immediate input regardless of listing results.

Same problem here - after first letter in search field P4 freeze (internal SSD) for 5-10 seconds.

No one needs to be so lazy that they can’t hit return when they decide they’re done typing. Simple as that. We don’t need software guessing for us.

In my case it’s mere 1 or 2 counts and it responds again.

Same problem here. Rather let us press enter once we are finished typing to begin the search.

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same issue here on SSD 1tera drive sandisk

I’m confident that this is fixed in Beta 2, and am moving it to the Fixed section of the public beta forum. If anyone feels as if this has been done in error, please let me know.


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