[Fixed in 2.0.2] V2.0 - Waveforms only sync on white centre line

I updated my P4 to the latest V2.0 and have discovered that my waveforms are constantly shifting. Basically they never line up all the way across the screen anymore (unless it’s 2 songs with the exact same bpm). Even when I have adjusted the pitch & have 2 songs in perfect sync. They only ever seem to match up when the beat crosses the centre white line. On the official FB page, I was told that this is how it’s supposed to be due to dynamic beatgrids (or something like that). I have a hard time believing this as no other dj software I have ever used works this way. I am used to having waveforms run past each other when their bpm / pitch is different. When I match them, the waveforms are then constantly aligned. I fail to see the benefit of still having drifting waveforms once the 2 tracks are correctly aligned - even if they do happen to align just over the play head for a split second. I feel this kind of defeats the purpose of the waveforms & really throws me off, as it’s a total contrast to the way I’m used to using software. Please can someone (preferably from DenonDJ) confirm whether this is the intended behaviour with the new update. And please… don’t don’t tell me to use my ears to mix blah, blah, blah. I use my ears, started with turntables & have been playing for 30+ years. This post is about the waveforms, not about how I use my equipment / body parts. Thanks in advance.


Yea, also find this. I think this is a bug of the version. It is only a visual bug. And is not audible. But this should definitly be fixed soon. As I know, Denon is in knowledge of this bug now. But thanks for reporting.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we’ve managed to reproduce the issue here and are looking into a fix.


Thanks for the response guys. So glad to hear it’s a bug & not intended.


Yeah I’m suffering from the same thing, is there a way to just turn waveforms off while they sort the bug? It’s just distracting as it keeps making me think my mix is off when it isn’t.


I have the same issue here on my prime 2, looks like the grid is rolling over the other. Tommorow ill change back to the older version instead of 2.0.

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I’m also having this issue in my P4 alfter update, and i’m getting crazy to find a solution but i concluded that’s is a visual bug.

The music doesn’t running out of sync, it seems to be a kind of visual pan of the deck grid alignment (when using horizontal waveforms). I’ll try to film it and post here.

If you zoom out a little the waveform it seem to be perfect aligned and the panning bug disappear, but it’s disappointing to find a downgrade in a so important function when at the same time many other secondary functions updated successfully.

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I too have this problem with v2.0. My Prime 4 didn’t do this before the update on v1.6.2. It is a very distracting fault. Please fix this quickly, it totally ruins the experience for me.

Is that common to everyone who did the upgrade? Do you know if worth to back to 1.6.2 and forward do 2.0.0 again?

Yep! Happened to me too. Thinking of downgrading again if that’s possible?

I downgraded yesterday , i only needed to re analyze all my tracks in engine prime. But all my quepoints are still where they should be !

Nice one Dave, I’ll try this tonight.

Registered to confirm the problem. This makes me a little nervous in the process of work - the ears hear one thing, and the screen shows a discrepancy on the right side, constantly catching up. The problem began after update 2.0.

And also one more problem has not been solved - on some tracks on the device the grid is not edited, does not react to the movement of the jog wheel. This problem was also on 1.6.2 and has not been resolved until now. At the same time, on the computer in the program, the grid was edited successfully on these the same tracks, and on the controller these tracks are not edited. Many tracks are edited successfully, but there are tracks that are not edited on the controller, I do not understand what this is connected with

This is no good at all v2 has added lots of bells and whistles i don’t need and broken the most basic function of beat matching. This needs fixing quickly. I’ve only had my p4 a couple of weeks and i was loving it, now i can’t mix a damn thing. Can anyone tell me how do to down grade to the old 1.6.2 firmware?


You needed to downgrade the engine dj software to engine prime that we were using before the update?

Just had a go with my Prime 2 and had the same thing - another thread in the Prime 2 forum for the same thing. Can anyone share a link to the old version for me to downgrade, it’s simply unusable in it’s current state?

Bigger question is how the hell this got through any level of testing without someone noticing?


Just curious, the tracks that don’t allow gridding didn’t come from Serato did they?

hi at leaaaaasssssttttt

but visual sync is not working. two tracks with same tempo cannot sync correctly, they move continuously

@AIRVince I have this issue on my Prime 2 also as per my post on the P2 facebook group Redirecting...

That’s what I was thinking. The first mix I did, I noticed on the first 2 tracks… How can you not notice…