(FIXED) Import Rekordbox Collection without hot cues and loops

I imported my Rekordbox collection and the tracks don’t have the hot cues and edited loops there. I had previously done the same process where I exported my playlists to a USB drive then analyzed in the SC5000 and the information was all in the right place, just a few minor mistakes of beatgrid and some BPM’s. I read on another topic that if there were already the same tracks in the collection did not bring the info, so I cleaned my collection on the EP and did the process from the beginning … I got the same result … Nothing Hot Cue and Loops … Who can help me?

Hello @tzvieira, thanks for posting! Are you using the current version of Engine PRIMe (v1.3.1)?

Fixed. After many attempts to export Collection in Rekordbox and import and update EP playlist, everything seems fine for now … The hot cues and loops are in the right place, there is only one small problem in the beatgrid, but I can live very well with this … Thank you God and you Denon Dj Staff


How did you fix it?

Yes. No way to find the metadata export for Rekordbox. I try again via SC5000 and works great.