Fix for Gate Sweep FX?

Hi Folks,

is there a chance to get the Gate Sweep FX fixed? What i mean is, if I turn it clockwise from 12 to 2 or 4, it starts sounding messy and irregular like a hickup, it just doesn´t stay on beat, and for a short period of time the track gets muted completely.

I don´t know how this Effect is supposed to sound but i consider like the Getter Effect in Traktor?

It´s even does this when I try to “hit the track correctly”.

I usually play Techno and Tech House.

Is this a common known issue or is there something wrong espacially with my mixer?

The normal effect “Auto Gate” with Quantize on 1 Beat, does not sound that good aswell.

I use the latest Firmware v1.3.0.


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They claim it works as expected but I am with you, it is useless most of the time.

One thing you should know is that it works based on the output so try pumping up your master out volume and give it another go. I tried and it does make a difference but still not to my standards. The Traktor Gate is solid!!


Agreed. I don’t use the gate FX on the x1850 as mentioned above. Its way off. Or I simply don’t understand how it’s supposed to function. It didn’t do what the label says.

If I want that choppy sound I do it manually with the volume fader and set the curve to be at the top but I can’t do it super quick for the build up nor for a length of time very neatly. It sounds mediocre when I do it. Traktor’s gate was spot on and I even used it to mix in tracks.

A fix for this would be highly appreciated or a tutorial explaining what Denon means by gate

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Found this to explain the gate sweep and now I understand (good reply on last post). However I don’t understand why Denon choose to do it this way round on the sweep FX section. Should have put it in the main FX menu and put the Auto Gate (trans FX) as the sweep.