First try - USB Stick with MP3 Folder and no use of Engine Prime Software

Have had tested firstly the function to import MP3 Folder from USB Stick without using Engine Prime Software. At first:

Yes it works.

Is it good on how it works or how it is implemented ?

Naw …

When you stick your unanalyzed MP3 Stick … you get message, that there is no Database. So far so good. Ok. Prime4 create a new database … works.

Than, you get navigated to normal Folder view … OK with that. Now you have to load every track 1 time to get analyzed … Also okay.

But you have than to go to create crate … Create and Name a crate. When created, you have to go to search icon

There you will find all your analyzed mp3´s …

Klick all MP3´s you want to insert in that Crate … Hold your selected MP3´s and push them into your crate.

I think we have to improve that a bit.

Why we cant have the EDIT Crate in Folder view, where it makes much more sence. Also a function to convert that folder directly to a Crate or Playlist by holding the folder ?

It works - but it is not nice, how it is implemented at the moment.

Yes - I can use Engine Prime for that. But as a standalone device, we should also note, how we can use it in standalone without a PC or Notebook.

Also nice would be a Delete / Rename / Cut&Paste and such OS related things. It´s no critic. It´s only in a users view … how it could be done easier …

Love my Prime4 :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Perfect, well framed. An analyze function for each folder, crate, external device and stick would really make the Prime 4 a perfect laptop replacement and simplify the process incredibly.

That’s not practical. Some folders have hundreds of mp3s, which means live sorting based on BPM is practically impossible.

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Me too, but I do hate Engine Prime

Also cant filter at all in basic folder view. Meaning if you add new records and youre like me and can barely remember your own name let alone that of the 10 songs you added today, they are basically lost.

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I don´t hate Engine Prime … but hope to get better features, and workflow updates. I hope we will get some nice updates starting this easter. And then a major big update till summer.

Also for the OS :slight_smile:

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