First cue track start position

Is there any way to create a gap at beginning of the the track to cue/scratch as most tracks will start exactly on the first beat and not give a second or so to scratch if u understand what I mean

This is done in the studio, during the mastering phase. The mastering engineer usually adds between 300 ms and 2 seconds of silence at the beginning and end of the track. The reason for this is to prepare it for integration in a compilation or in an album which is supposed to be published on CD Audio format. Sadly, not everyone follows this rule, because many people don’t like to have silence at the beginning of the track when they play music mostly on portable devices.

There are programs such as dbPowerAmp converter that allow this.

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If track is in wav format it is easy. Just load the track in an audio editing software and insert silence at the beginning and end of the track. If the track is in a compressed format already, this will require decoding to wav, editing and reencoding it. The last step being lossy compression it will affect the sound signature.

Only prob is I have thousands to do and with serato they load with the gap at beginning I know the prime series had a update to place a space at the beginning of track instead of first sound ie straight from 12 o’clock on the jog :-/

Yeah, most DJ software loads a track at the first sound/beat, regardless of the amount of empty space before it. Usually it’s a setting that can be changed to load at the absolute beginning of the track even if there is no sound/beat there.

It would be the first place I’d look.

btw, for (probably) the majority of DJ’s, having a loaded track cue up at the first downbeat is usually a very desirable feature :smiley:

I’m sure there is a setting in the MCX8000 menu to ignore cue points and start the track at the actual file start.

It is always good practice to insert about 300 ms of silence at the beginning of the track, because when the track is part of an album or a compilation and published on CD Audio format, the CD players need some time to switch from mute to audio mode. This technic also allows for the speakers woofers to settle before the track start.

And as always, Google is your friend. I ran this search:

And stuff like this came up, by way of example of it being possible.

Any audio editing software is capable of inserting silence into an audio file. The problem is with files already in a compressed format. One way of overcoming the problem with compressed audio files is to create two audio wav files containing just the silent parts, encoding them in the same compressed format, at the same sample rate and bit debth, and then join the silent parts with the files required without reencoding them. Lastly it will require checking the correct header and CRC data for the compressed files.

I’m assuming your questions is in regards to standalone mode, and the answer unfortunately is no. I’ve experienced it to and it’s probably due to limitations (firmware/hardware not robust enough to handle this). Just as you stated later, it works fine with Serato, it’s just a standalone mode issue. I’m curious if SC Prime users or Prime 4 user experience this as well.

Yeah the sc5000 had a update to increase the playable space before the track begins ,that’s what I was referring to ,I see u had the same experience as me :-/

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