....first crash/hang

…ok. I was searching through the HDD… went to load a track it to a deck… and then… system froze…other deck track was still playing… display was on but not responding… none of the effect controls responsive… jog wheels were lit displays didnt move… but wheels worked… had to press the on/off button on the back for about 10 seconds…

it stayed on… but seemed to reboot…

using 1.4.0.

anyone else had this??

im guessing a bad file… but which one!!!



Sounds like you’ve got two to choose from.

Hey yes I have seen this and only happening since 1.4 firmware update…

Happened in middle of a set and had to reset mixer to get it going again…

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@Tron1275 are you using a SSD?

Yes - this has happened to me several times since the 1.4 firmware update. And it’s happen a few times during the initial boot up.

samesies. I went through 30 seconds of panic before it dawned on me it might be the update

… no…crazycraig im using a 1tb HHD which is about 6 months old…I prefer this technology … over the SSD … I just dont trust them!!

… Antchi …2?? got 60k on there so far!!! and looking through the history , the last track was the one playing on the other deck…so it crashed as it was loading maybe???

… only other thing I have noticed the waveform display isnt as smooth sometimes… and I have noticed a few artifacts showing up with the waveforms too…

I didnt video it either!!!


I honestly believe the hdd is the reason for the hang issue. Old tech spinning hdd is just not fast enough for the requirements of the P4. Why don’t you trust ssd? In my experience ssd is just as reliable (if not more so due to no moving parts). Give a ssd a try, you won’t believe the difference in performance.


I’ve never heard someone say they didn’t trust a SSD. lol

Try a 1 TB SSD.

Clone your 1TB HDD to it

You still have your trusted HDD with you and if for some reason your SSD craps out you have a back up.

SSD prices are considerably lower than say 2-3 years ago, so its worth a punt.


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Best Advice…

… thanks for the suggestion… but in my opinion a HDD is the best option in this situation… untill SSD are more reliable I think I will stick with older tech!!..

Performance doesnt seem to be a problem as USB 2 sticks perform just fine, which are a lot slower than a sata connected drive!!!

I have even recorded and used the same USB 2 stick while using it as a source drive… no probs at all…

Too many SSD are failing and do weird things at 80%(ish) capacity… plus you stand a chance of getting something back off a HDD… your stuffed if a SSD crashes!!.. but again… just my opinion and what I have seen/experienced!


Each to their own experience, of course, but calling SSD’s unreliable is simply not true.

Certainly with Samsung or an Intel. My first Intel 80GB still works flawlessly after 15(!) years in an old pc.

If you’re okay with magnetic spinning platters and a movable head in a portable device, then no problem.

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Can second this. We have had a Crucial 256gb SSD in our Mac Pro since 2009 and it still works perfectly every single day.

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Some people may have had bad experiences with early SSDs which gave poor performance when over 50% full or used for lots of writes instead of just reads. That later got better with SSDs being better even over 90% full.

A spinning hard drive often gives hints that it’s losing health or integrity, giving you a chance , often weeks, to do something about it, such as make a backup to a new drive. SSDs tend to work great until a particular moment then give up fatally with zero warning.

Each have their own appeals.

Every disk will fail at some point.

That’s why you need back ups. Local and cloud.

My main gig drive is a 4TB ssd, the clone is another 4TB SSD, then 3 other copies on regular HDD

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Does the usb stick have as much music on it as your 1TB hdd? When I first got my P4, I used a regular old hdd while waiting to get a 1tb ssd. Searching was ridiculously slow and I also had the occasional hang. That’s why I mentioned it. Sooner or later, you gonna have to upgrade your hdd. I’ve had a ssd in my mac now for about 6yrs, not a single issue and it’s not even a brand name like Samsung etc… it’s actually the cheapest ssd I could find.

Has anyone had any problems with decks 1&3 suddenly not working? I’ve had this problem a few times now. Have done the latest update 1.4.1 but still the same

I suggest you to take it back to the shop man… it seems you have an HW problem …

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SSDs are definitely the way forward, IMO nobody should be using HDDs with any DJ gear, especially since you physically install the drive in the unit. SSDs are MUCH more reliable than hard drives without question. Just buy a new drive with good reviews (don’t buy those cheaper models are marketed as DRAM-less SSDs, those are junk). HDDs have moving parts and are prone to failure from being jostled around like DJ equipment is. Searching and overall function will be noticeably faster on an SSD then a hard drive as well.

^^ If the drive fails (HDD or SSD), data recovery should never be your first and only option. You should always have a backup, ideally following the 3-2-1 principle.