Firmware upgrade x1800

Is there any new firmware upgrade to the x1800 or are we stuck with the 1.2 after the release of X1850?


Good question.

Same question, but I suppose the effects and quantize function should be easy to implement I think. And I hope denon keeps its promise to update new functions and won’t become like pioneer where they let you upgrade hardware to get some new functionality that is easy to do with firmware upgrades.

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Effects from X1850, fx quantize, midi start and midi in (for traktor bpm clock ex.) can be done and we should push for it.


What I do not understand is because the people of Denon who see the forums do not answer the questions asked. Quitar enough erroneous information, and they would help people a lot to solve their doubts.

As I understand seeing Crossfaders review of the new lineup the X1800 and SC5000M will be discontinued. For the SC5000M I’m not that worried but what will happen to us that have x1800? Even that the x1850 has the same price the X1800 will be useless on the secondhand market. Therefore it’s important that upgrades will continue. I bought mine less than a year ago and I can’t upgrade now.

Hi @DJColdfield - Yes, the X1800 will receive a firmware update bringing the internal features inline with the X1850. I do not have availability at this time but we will ensure our customers are aware when it is ready.

The question was not intentionally avoided. NAMM is a very busy time (especially with 5 new product launches) so we just haven’t got there yet. Please be a little patient with us. We try to answer everyone as fast as we can. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for that reply. Why I’m worried is that I got stucked with the x1700, a very good mixer with promises they where never kept. Regards to all the new lineup and I’m already in line for the P2GO. Thx again.

That is a beautiful thing to hear! Thanks for that info.

Thnx for confirmation, one more question not related to mixer. But we never seem to get an answer on it. Will the prime players get loop move like traktor. Current loop move is not my thing, and lot of old traktor users would love to have the option in the players to choose that setting.


Please check to see if it’s requested in the Feature Request area. If not, create a new topic for it. If enough people want that ability, we will consider adding it.

Are you sure the Feauture Request Area works like that @JWiLL? In that case: please have a look at the nr 1 feature request on the SC5000/M section (with most likes, most replies AND double the views as the nr 2 on that list) : Traktor HID support :grinning:


Ok made a feature request, hope people will support it

Awe. Can anyone please help me with firmware for S5000 doesn’t play mp3s.

Make a new topic please, in the legacy section.

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The key English word in JWills reply is that most voted for requests will be …

——-considered — —-

Which doesn’t of course mean the same as added. I can ——consider —- playing some request for a song that I think will empty my dancefloor , but once I’ve considered it, I might play 49 different songs instead of that one


At least, when I know I won’t play a certain request, I try to let the requester know, so she knows she doesn’t have to wait till the end of the party hoping to hear her song :slight_smile:

You might not have played it

But you considered it

If there’s 1000 people at the party that all paid the same to get in, there’s 995 asking for urban anthems and 5 people want some country & western classics by “The Traktors” and only two of those 5 want The Traktors B Side album filler “Do the loop move”

it’s a no brainer that you’re gonna be playing urban

It’s a dicey decision whether you tell the country and western fans, it ain’t that sort of night tonight, maybe next year if demand increases significantly, or not.

Also… loop move on a story about x1800 mixers?

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