Firmware updates to Prime series

First of all, let me congratulate all Prime 4 owners with their new update with functioning wi-fi and Tidal-access!!!

This is mainly written to Denon.

Now you have launched the second firmware-update for the Prime 4, since it´s launch, meanwhile there has been nothing for the SC5000 owners. I hope this is not going to be the “standard”, as it just starts to bring old feelings back again…

  1. Launched the MCX8000
  2. Making firmwares for the MCX8000
  3. Launched SC5000
  4. …Focussed on Firmware for the SC5000…
  5. No more firmware for the MCX8000.

A bunch of people has paid like $6K for the SC5000 setup and once again I dont want to end up feeling like :lying_face: (pinnochio) as I did when I had the MCX8000.

So please, Denon…Dont you, forget about us!

And please, stop using the word “soon” :joy: as it seems to have a whole different meening in the Denon-dictionary, than in the normal ones.

Some might think I dont have any patience, but actually, still being a Denon user after what I went through in my ‘MCX8000-life’, its a good sign that I’m quite patient.

I just see the same pattern starting all over again.

Hope all Prime 4 owners will enjoy the update! :pray:


It’s a public beta isn’t it?

Apparently Denon already has a relationship with Tidal. Can’t wait to give it a try.

I wonder what unlocking internet means? Will we be able to do more than stream?

I guess we’ll have to read all about it from the p4 owners.

Yeah its a public beta, but still. :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually think there has been some Feature Requests about being able to access the home network and NAS servers so people could play music from there as well.

But thats only requests… (but still a cool feature if one day made possible)

The only feature/update I want for the 5000s are jog wheel adjustment …same on forward and backward bending please lol


Yes the apparent focus on the inferior [to the sc5k setup] prime four, is disappointing… I own the mixer and two players too.


I really hope the history doesnt repeat itself all over again as it did, when I had the MCX8000. Cause I will not pay additional money for the P4 when I already have done that going from the neglected MCX8000 to the full SC5000/X1800 setup.

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Patience, I guess, but it will happen.

I bought into the “change your rider” and just assumed the gear was going to work the same way my nexus setup did.

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Same as I was thinking, BUT it does NOT! Anyway, let’s see the next FW Update, each time we will get closer…

Thank god, It’s not working the same as other brands. It’s working way better! Updates for sc5000 and 5000M will come probably very soon. Just wait a moment…


I’m happy that it doesnt work like other brands… Like the way they work!

The reason I’m mentioning this, is that I just fear it all happens once more, now that Dev team has a new toy going on.

First the MCX8000 was the brand new future proof thing… It was the ‘BOMB’ … Then the SC’s came, but with a promise that MCX8000 users wouldtnt be forgotten… 1 year later: ‘Sry, no more future/ feature updates’.

I know you are quite new in here, so guess you havent had the time to read all old posts yet, cause then you would know where the ‘fear’ comes from :slightly_smiling_face:

But my post is not ment as a ‘hate’ on the Denon-folks…not at all - I love the units and we have had some good updates, but there is still a bunch of things missing, and I just dont want to get left behind again after the investment I have made in a fullscale Prime setup.

You are welcome to see it as jealousy - its not… Think I’ve already explained the reason for the ‘fear’ pretty good, and where it comes from :slightly_smiling_face: But if you havent been in the same situation, the same experience, then I understand why you dont see it the same way.

I also congratulate all P4 owners with the new feature. 100%

I’ve been lucky to have both Prime4 and the BigPrimes.

Both systems are really great, but I still would choose the BigPrimes. They feel so natural to me. More linked to my inner core…okay that’s getting weird…

However, if I were a mobile DJ, I think the Prime4 is way on top of a list of musthaves.

Other than wifi/streaming, does anybody knows wich features/improvements will be implemented on the new firmware update?

This propaganda is suffering from some selective amnesia.

• The mcx8000 users were told the wouldn’t be forgotten

• A massive invitation was issued for mcx8 owners to join a beta testing program

• An extremely feature-rich bets firmware was released to the beta testers with not just - half dozen new features, but something along the lines of 30 new features, ranging from Microphones features, right through to BPM, beatgrid, display and even Engine Prime database inclusion

• A huge amount of extremely in-depth and two-way communication was established between the beta testers and the denon team with every bug or new feature question being discussed amongst all beta testers

• new versions of firmware for the mcx were released upon the beta testers feedback of each previous beta firmware

• ultimately after all beta tester comments about the firmware were taken into consideration, the firmware was ready for public release and that release was made.

Correct and unimpeded recollection will establish that the firmware then released was no tiny smattering of little tweaks and nudges. The firmware was the sort of size that other gear makers would have basically sold as a whole new unit, not a free firmware update. The firmware which was ultimately released for the mcx8000 effectively made it an mcx9000 for free.

After all of the above, the comment from Denon was that they would be able to squeeze serious bug fixes in, but not add to the already steroid like boost of those new features already enhancing above and beyond the mcx original specification

Also, for the purposes of accuracy; the headline at the top of the forum banner dies indeed mention that beta firmware for streaming WILL be coming to 5000 and 5000m soon.

Im a 5000 and 1800 owner myself and neither I, you, or any other 5000/1800 owners need to fear our units missing out on firmware attention just 2 or 3 years after their launch.

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@S_Anderson Honestly, I dont see it as selective amnesia. And there is no propaganda!

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the MCX8000 and so I won’t make any assumptions about it.

I’m not accusing Denon and saying that there will be no updates - I know they will come, I’m just saying that the pattern that appears on the horizon brings back some memories from past experiences.

You can’t change those experiences, even if you are always happy to talk down other people’s opinions and tell them that they are always wrong.

But as long as you havent walked my shoes, havent had the talks I have had with Denon reps during my MCX8000 days on phone, on Skype, on mail, then please dont just “shoot” my experiences to the ground.

My experiences from the past mean that I have a pending attitude to a lot of things going on in here - but as one wise Denon rep once said - Be honest, be brutal, but be kind.

I see nowhere in my post where I’m not friendly. But yes, I do open my mouth and again, based on past experiences, I’d rather open my mouth once too many (and get wiser) than just keep my mouth shut. You can only regret the things you do not do.

I am definitely well aware that a Beta group was opened for MCX8000 users, myself included in it, just like all other users were. There was nothing secret about it.

But they also needed to do something at that time as people was getting more and more annoyed.

I dont have a “goal” about making propagande-like messages - I love my SC´s and my X1800. 100%

I just want to be able to post my concerns, based on former experiences. without being told that I´m stupid - cause they actually come from somewhere. Thanks.

Have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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Have a great weekend too. Eat some fruit. Be sure not to compare the Apples with the Oranges though

As we mentioned in our social messaging, SC5000 and SC5000M versions will follow shortly. Development and testing for multiple modular devices is more complex than a single contained product.

Also as we’ve mentioned in the past, our Engine embedded solutions will ALL benefit when one of the systems receives an update. They are all running the same platform.

The MCX8000 saw several updates during its lifecycle to add features and improve its performance. The product was never forgotten. We pushed the hardware to as far is it would go without risking stability. As you can imagine, it’s no where near as powerful as Prime Series products which were designed as standalone first, controller second. Here is the full firmware release history of the MCX8000 incase you’re curious. MCX8000_Firmware_Release_History.pdf (56.4 KB)

It takes time to develop new features. Especially innovative features that the industry has never seen before. Stirring up the community by posting “Hey Denon DJ you forgot about me!” frankly isn’t accurate or fair to our team.

Our products evolve further than any other DJ product in the industry. It’s disappointing to see posts like this that seem to forget that. :disappointed_relieved:


I think since inmusic took Denon in it turned into a different company. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the old with the new. Denon is not out to shaft their customers they are just slow right now and has made steps to insure that things will speed up. They may have jumped the gun a little bit with some things though.

Just look at this forum for example. This the only place where I see a real feature request section. Alot of things here are more open and transparent than anywhere else I’ve seen also.

The 5000/Ms are awesome decks as they are now once you get over some collection hurdles and more things are coming for them also.

Not getting updates as frequent as we like doesn’t mean they are bad decks.

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Just want to make it clear… So everyone is happy!

My initial post is only based on personal experiences and because of that, there is a fear beneath the “surface”.

Not trying to causing any panic - just speaking my personal mind.

And I still absolutely love my SC´s. Wayyyyy more than I loved the MCX8000.